Episode 112: Earn Yourself Some Pants

Hello and welcome to Sexual Dave and the Pervs. We rolled with a skeleton crew this week as Jon and Clarence were no-shows, so Stu and B went sports-light and covered:

  • Escrow accounts?
  • Ranking musical Crows
  • One-album wonders
  • Weekly pageboy haircuts
  • Super timely review of 80s comedians
  • 4th of July plans (Nelson!)
  • The micro agony and macro joy of parenting
  • Bumming out on the England World Cup own goal
  • SANO!
  • Reluctantly supporting the Tyus pick

Episode 111: Sam Hinkie Is A Nihilist

It’s an all-NBA (well, mostly-NBA) episode of the podcast. Brandon and Jon are joined by our friend Dylan Dragswiek (@roughkat) and his brother Ian to talk about:

  • Karl-Anthony Towns and erectile health
  • Flip Saunders and how we loathe him
  • Would you rather be wrong and happy, or right and miserable?
  • The best Wolves starting five
  • How to improve the NBA
  • How to improve hockey overtimes (it got random at the end)

Later the Wolves traded for Tyus Jones, which makes some of our hot takes out of date. Oh well.

Episode 109: Argentinian Deep Cuts

Reunited and it feels so good – at least for a few minutes until Stu drops out and never returns. Nevertheless, we battle through the adversity to cover:

  • Jon’s new footie gig
  • Friendlies: do they matter a tiny bit, or not at all?
  • The asinine draft and cold streak that cured us of Nant Fever
  • Embracing the insane NBA finals
  • Clarence’s Denver review
  • General travel woes

Then we broken skull challenge each other to not be self-deprecating anymore. Lotta bases covered. Check it out.

Episode 108: Camels Aren’t Free

Clarence ditched us again so fill-in host and startribune.biz editor Brian Stensaas joined us to holler about:

  • “I did a little Pony” – Stu’s self-review of his Dad Dance
  • More head-scratching about the Twins
  • Molitor review
  • Invention idea: anti-snob pills
  • Sordid details of the Strib behind the scenes (mostly just Sid being cranky)
  • A tiny bit of AP talk, sorry
  • Half-assed NBA and NHL finals previews

Episode 107: I’m Not Afraid to Touch a Wet Nacho

Clarence couldn’t make it for this one, so we replaced him with Liz Welle and got back to work. Thanks to her for being willing to talk to us about any and all of the following:

  • The Twins: are we ready to love again?
  • Upside-down nachos
  • Paynesville, MN
  • Why Rangers fans are the absolute worst, and how much we hate people who went to North Dakota
  • Nacho criteria
  • A horrifying soccer story

And plenty more. Plus, Stu had his best episode, and is really getting warmed up for the season.

Episode 105: Your Bagel Bites are Ready

We forgot to prepare for the show so we did a group tap-dance routine for an hour. The routine included:

  • Clarence’s NFL draft rebuttal
  • Our throats are scratchy, we’re coming down with something, not sure what it could be, it’s a mystery
  • NBA draft lottery (yes, it got that desperate)
  • Art-A-Whirl, dance competitions and various other tangents

Episode 104: My Dad’s Kinda Weird


  • Vikings draft review in which Brandon compliments Spielman and immediately enters witness protection to avoid the wrath of Clarence
  • Heavy sighs over the Wild
  • Stu’s daughter says hello!
  • Group therapy on how to deal with sports loss and the key to happy fandom
  • Our annual cackling over the Twins brief competence

Episode 103: Steve I Love Turtles

For the first time in more than 100 episodes, we got all four of us in a room at the same time. We went to Grumpy’s in Roseville, where we were joined by an all-star cast, including Aaron Gleeman (for the whole thing) and (at various times) Hans Van Slooten, Amanda White, Lindsay Guentzel, and Dave Marthaler.

When all four of us weren’t talking at the exact same time – which was most of the time – we discussed:

  • The Wild’s chances against the Blackhawks in Round 2 of the playoffs
  • The Vikings’ pick in the NFL Draft (recorded live)
  • Whether Ted Thompson is a Sagittarius
  • Who the heck is Ciara
  • Sam Hinkle / Hinkie

The whole thing goes off the rails pretty much immediately, but we had an excellent time. We’re all looking forward to Episode 206, when we all get together again.