#159: Goober Onslaught

B, Stu and Clarence discuss the following:

0:00 | Vikings draft review (now with restraint!)

49:00 | Leicester City breakdown plus an update on our future footie coverage

55:00 | Our official Wild/Boudreau POV

59:00 | #Team2016 check-in (wince face)

1:04:00 | Does any sports town have it worse than us?

#157: This Is What It Sounds Like When Dudes Cry

Stu and Brandon console each other over the death of the one and only Prince. He was the best. We share stories about discovering his music and try our best to explain what he meant to us. (Featuring special guest Mandy, Stu’s better half.)


#156: Like a Dog Bowl

3:00 | Wolves hooowwwwwwwwwllllllllll

11:30 | Who convinced Glen Taylor to change his ways? We debate the most likely candidates.

30:30 | Our famous annual “9.3% of the way through the Twins season review” featuring what we know vs. what we think

41:00 | Asking again: why is Joe Mauer playing first base?

55:40 | Wild temp check

1:08:30 | Jon’s going to England! We celebrate by making up our own soccer theme songs

#155: You’re Distracting Me With My Desire

0:00 | Wild playoff preview deeeeeeeeep sigh

22:35 | Shout out to Seattle

25:40 | 4.3% Twins season in review. What are we legitimately concerned about? (Spoiler: a lot)

52:18 | Shout out to Boston

55:30 | Wolves season recap. Mitchell, KAT and an #AskSportive about if the org will mess up this team’s bright future? (spoiler: yeah)

1:10:00 | Sturgill album review

#154: Poop Stadiums & Danny Valencia

0:00 HINKIE. A huge and inappropriate amount of laughter at Brandon’s expense for daring to believe in the mistreated visionary/vampire Samuel Hinkie.

17:50 Wolves. We predict the % chance Newton/Mitchell are back next year.

32:50 Wild. Sustained groans as we decide if and to what extent we’ll be rooting on this pack of losers in the playoffs.

45:55 Twins. Our famous 1.2% of the way through season review, including a #Buxchubs check-in.

54:15 Sano outfield review (spoiler alert: wet fart sound).

61:10 We offer our MLB most hated/backup favorite teams.

71:20 – Sportive Explains: Broken Skull Challenge.

74:30 – Sportive Explains: how pro wrestling is the same as musicals.

83:10 – A rememberence of the great Merle Haggard.

(All time-stamps approximate/glorified guesses)

#153: I Struggled With a Turd This Year

Annual Twins preview! Podcaster big-shot and fellow Cool Dad Michael Rand joined us to break down the offense, defense and pitching. Then we submitted wins predictions and did our world-famous “Bros & Turds” segment. Overall we did a lot of shouting and a little agreeing.

Rubes and haters unite because we’ve got something for everyone. Go Twins. Go America.


#152: Dad Minutiae

  • Jon’s gonna be a dad!
  • Wolves are bad in the clutch but still fun
  • Two #team2016 members explain their devotion to the Twins (mostly shruggy guy emojis)
  • Jon’s epic Big 10 hockey rant – it’s glorious and not to be missed
  • Clarence unveils his plan of attack if he’s allowed to run the U of M (it involves bulldozing buildings)
  • Group therapy sesh about the awful Gopher athletics program

And as always, tangents galore. Great ep, listen and pass it on.

#151: The Chipoltay of Pizza

Piping hot sports content for your ears:

  • Hey, the Wolves still exist
  • Moment of clarity on Big 10 hockey: maybe it’s Joel Maturi’s fault
  • How the Wild have driven us to insanity
  • Will Chuck Fletcher keep his job?
  • Sixers/Wolves bet update and why Brandon loves wonk-heavy teams
  • Why do the Vikings have so many tackles?
  • Stu asks an unanswerable question that has befuddled and infuriated him

#150: The Real Losers Are Us

Landmark episode! We celebrate the round number by breaking down:

– Trader Rick’s dumb foray into free agency
– Fond Old Country Buffet memories
– Rocky Nabisco the terrorist baby
– The Wild fan emotional roller-coaster
– Ask Sportive: [redacted]
– Sportive Explains: Major Lazer, Bibimbap
– Dad life + weekend preview

Something for everyone. Have yerself a listen.