#145: Low on Snow, High on Hatred

  • The Pro Bowl and NHL All-Star games happened?
  • Wild playoff probabilities
  • Seth Green report (both the QB and tiny actor)
  • Popping bubbly about the key Carlos Quentin signing
  • Sam Mitchell is the new Mike Tice
  • Super Bowl plans and daydreaming about the Vikings playing in it someday


#143: Ghost Jon Does Not Do Happy

Darkness has warshed over Minnesota sports, so we try our best to find something to be happy about. Do we succeed? Tune in to find out! (No)


— NFL playoff preview and ideal punishments for Belichick (involves an on-field sentencing and a mechanism to fire a human into the sun)
— Vikings offensive coordinator rumors
— Reasons the Wild are bad
— New game: what is Mike Yeo thinking?
— Wolves/Gophers discontent
— Another new game: what is Terry Ryan thinking?
— Predicting the date of Berrios’ torn ulnar

To reiterate: we find nothing to be happy about. Though Clarence’s spot-on Tony Danza impression does ease the sting.

#137: The Disaster

We apologize for this episode. The first 35 minutes were spent trying to talk while watching the end of the Vikes-Cards game, and yes it was as bad an idea as it sounds.

After the game, we settle into our groove of hollering about the ineptitude of the Twins front office, ranking the worst Gophers teams and some Sixers talk for good measure. Thank you and sorry once again.

#136: A Great Variety of Shambles

-Predictions of how Claeys (the Kaiser Soze of Gopher football) will do: hero, average or Brewster 2.0?

-More goddamn arguing about DVOA and the Vikings

-Suter hockey-sassed coach Yeo! Why?

-Sam Mitchell’s favorability rating

-We forget we are recording and discuss what’s on the radio for like 10 minutes

-Footie update, i.e. Clarence trolling Jon for unknown reasons