Coming soon – a sports podcast for humans, made by humans

The Sportive: it was an obscure adjective first, but soon, it’ll be a podcast as well. A sports podcast, by four Minnesotans, for people with ears – ears that may well be tired of hearing the same tired talk-radio schtick that dominates our local audio options.

The four Minnesotans behind the microphone:

  • Jon Marthaler is a local niche sports enthusiast whose goal is to write about obscure sports for every website in Minnesota.
  • Brandon Broxey is the greatest Class A town-team baseball starting pitcher in Minnesota. He hates hockey.
  • RandBall’s Stu (BRANDING) is known for his humor, his encyclopedic knowledge of the early-1980s Minnesota Twins, and for being the only person in St. Cloud who doesn’t discharge firearms into the air on New Year’s Eve.
  • Clarence Swamptown is not his real name. If you see his pickup truck in Dakota County, he is sleeping, so please leave him be.

The podcast will be launching later in 2013, just as soon as we figure out how to record ourselves talking.


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