Clarence provided the supplies.

Episode 1: The Whitest Podcast Ever Recorded

We recorded Episode 1 of the Sportive, with Jon, Brandon, and Clarence all sitting around the table, occasionally losing track of Stu, who was calling in from St. Cloud. I think we learned some things, such as that we may be good at talking, but horrible at radio.

Episode 1 highlights:

  • Jon tries to explain college hockey’s Pairwise Rankings, but ends up just saying the word “comparisons” fifty times in two sentences.
  • Clarence tells the story of the time his dad drove onto the Daytona infield.
  • Brandon fixes the game of hockey with a rules change.
  • Stu explains Ricky Rubio’s mysterious ’79’ neck tattoo.
  • Brandon looks at the numbers, judges Derrick Williams fairly, and is criticized by Jon, who is bad at math.
  • Dino Ciciarelli comes up, and it’s noted that this is always a good reason to end a podcast.

Click the player below to listen, or download directly here.

We hope to be on iTunes soon, assuming that they don’t actually listen to our podcast and delete our request in horror.

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