Episode 2: You’re Welcome, Bettman

Jon, Brandon, and Stu join forces this week for Episode 2 of The Sportive. (Clarence is currently holding out for a larger chunk of the sponsorship dollars. We’re in talks with his agent.)

Topics this week:

  • Whether the Vikings should trade Percy Harvin
  • What’s to be done about the Gopher basketball team
  • Two potential future Wolves to keep an eye on in the college ranks
  • The only reason to watch the Wolves until then
  • Brandon’s idea to make hockey more fun to watch: all-time five-on-three power plays
  • Complaining about wrestling being dropped from the Olympics, and trying to understand why modern pentathlon remains

David Eckstein and Eric Decker also get mentioned, because why not. Click below to listen, or download directly here. And check us out on iTunes, too.

2 thoughts on Episode 2: You’re Welcome, Bettman

  1. You guys are [redacted] ridiculous. I can tell already that some idiot freshman at the U of M is going to die from alcohol poisoning after playing the “take-a-swig-every-time-one-of-them-says-‘I-don’t-know'” drinking game. Let me know when – obviously not “if” – you need a lawyer.

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