Episode 3: Andrew da Vinci Clay

The entire gang is back together this week, with Stu making the drive in to Sportive HQ to sit alongside Brandon and Jon. Clarence is on the hotline this week, and he’s got the thing we’ve all been waiting for: the full story of #ww9, and a story about Buck “Rock ‘n Roll” Zumhofe.

Other topics this week:

  • Gopher basketball is discussed, with the mood varying between “desperate frustration” and “outright anger.”
  • Brandon’s got some #shotsfired.
  • The Wolves’ roster options are discussed. (NOTE: This discussion expires at 2pm today when the trade deadline hits, so hurry, hurry, hurry.)
  • A segment we’re calling the “Target Field Bleacher Suicide Watch.”
  • A little talk about outdoor hockey – whether it’s a good thing, and what it should look like when it comes to Minnesota.
  • Clarence, incensed by Brandon’s ideas to “fix” hockey in last week’s episode, has four ideas to “fix” the NBA. When I tell you that Warren Moon features in one of them, it hardly does the whole thing justice.

We’ve also got an asbestos report, or something like that. Listen below, download directly here, or get the podcast on iTunes.

3 thoughts on Episode 3: Andrew da Vinci Clay

  1. Good listen, gentlemen. Appreciate all the cussing and respectfully request more Rock N Roll on future pods.

  2. It is clear that Clarence’s raging alcoholism is the only thing preventing him from becoming the next commissioner of the NBA. Please, Clarence, go to an AA meeting so that we might have the seven second shot clock within our lifetimes.

  3. @Rocket I will not be affiliated with either of those organizations, thank you very much.

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