Episode 6: Nuts or Face, Go Rosemount

Podcaster emeritus Mike Rand joins us this week, with Brandon unable to join because he’s on his way to Vegas to gamble. Topics this week include:

  • Cassel vs. Ponder, a function of age vs. experience
  • Expectations for Gopher hoops at the NCAA tournament …and what might happen if they don’t do well
  • Ranting about the Aaron Hicks service clock discussions (sorry, Gleeman and the Geek)
  • Getting excited about the Wild, and guaranteeing that they’ll make the playoffs
  • Our newest sports crush: Jonas Brodin
  • Stu, creator of #GOHUSKIESWOOOOO, talks about the hashtag that’s taking over the world
  • How we’ve all played fantasy football for years but have no experience with any other fantasy sport
  • As it turns out, nobody lives in Dakota County or Stearns County
  • The ethics of ping-pong ball chasing in the NBA, and what the Wolves need in the draft, and why Rick Rickert needs to come back

Plus Stu sings, three separate times.

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1 thought on Episode 6: Nuts or Face, Go Rosemount

  1. I haven’t yet listened to this podcast, but considering RandBall’s involvement I am forced to assume that 60% to 80% of the discussion was about how the Timberwolves are finally poised to be better next year and/or rating Ricky Rubio’s kissability on a scale that ranges from puppies and rainbows to the cutest boy in junior high. This must have been quite a slumber party.

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