Episode 12: Six Flags Over Kentucky

Special guest Holly Manthei, our most famous guest ever, joins us in our second episode this week. We discuss:

  • How to pronounce Manthei
  • Blind taste tests
  • The liquor store that Clarence won’t step foot in again
  • Going to the Kentucky Derby without ever seeing a horse
  • How often is everyone drunk at the Flying Dog Brewery?
  • Pretentious beer-tasting terms
  • Wild Game 1 against the Blackhawks
  • Male vs. female locker room humor
  • Don Cherry, the Sid Hartman of Canada
  • Holly Manthei, American hero
  • The soccer
  • Are the Dallas Stars changing their name?
  • The NWSL. No, seriously
  • JOFA haircuts
  • David Kahn is a dink
  • How to mail beer

And at the end Clarence shows up again.

By the way, if Parker’s grandma thought the last episode was bad, she’s not going to like this one at all.

Give a listen below or download the mp3 directly here. We can also be found on iTunes.

1 thought on Episode 12: Six Flags Over Kentucky

  1. My first time listening to the podcast, courtesy of being linked from Gleeman. Really enjoyed the banter, and Holly was a great guest. As a point of clarification, while I agree that Don Cherry is generally a bombastic bozo, he also was actually the first NHL coach to allow female reporters into locker rooms back in the 1970s: Methinks he is just being controversial on this point just for the sake of stirring the pot.

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