Episode 14: Spoken Like a True Baby

Twins blogging godfather and noted social butterfly Aaron Gleeman joins what may be the most tangent-filled podcast in history. A few topics, and yes this is for real: cro-magnon men, Psycho T, Greg Popovich, insecure media members, coal miners, internet friend meet-ups, Japanese waitresses, dance moms marathons, homers, party buses and, finally, a good solid 20 seconds of Twins analysis.

And that isn’t the half of it. Some rock-solid nonsense awaits, friends. Thanks for your patronage.

Listen by clicking the player below, or downloading directly here. Or hey, there’s always iTunes.

4 thoughts on Episode 14: Spoken Like a True Baby

  1. I’m going to guess those blinking lights on the mixer were the signal peak warnings.. Sound quality is pretty rough. It didn’t stop me from listening to the whole thing tho! I did appreciate being thrown a baseball-related bone at the end there. Dozier should totally do better.

  2. We’re not just playing dumb. I genuinely have no idea what the lights on the mixer mean. Sorry the sound quality is bad – we’re still experimenting on making things better.

    • I don’t mean to come off as ungrateful for the 105 minutes of free entertainment. You guys have a good thing going. Looking forward to more!

  3. I misread ‘Greg Proops’ and just wasted 1 hr 45 minutes. Smartest comedian in comedy, you guys should show him some respect.

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