Episode 19: It’s Not Your Fault, Clarence

Twins blogging godfather John Bonnes stops by to talk the Dells, #dadbros, horse jerky, breakfast Chipotle, philly cheesesteaks, sandwich threesomes, BatGirl, the unending temptation to quit writing, Sano as the Grand Canyon and a decent amount of Twins talk. Plus — and you’re gonna have a hard time believing this — we had technical difficulties and swore about a million times. How we roll.

3 thoughts on Episode 19: It’s Not Your Fault, Clarence

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  2. I was well on my way to a comfortable lifestyle when the wealthy dowager I was seeking to bed for purely financial reasons caught me listening to this podcast. She was so shocked by the offensive content and language that she immediately fainted, falling on her expensive opera glasses and breaking both them and her hip. When she recovered she immediately cast me from her life for engaging with, “the most puerile drivel I have ever had the displeasure to encounter.” I am never listening to this podcast ever again.

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