Episode 20: Death in the Grand Canyon

This week, we’re joined by our longtime friend Dylan Dragswiek, who is both a Timberwolves season ticket holder (which makes him an NBA Draft expert) and a well-known doer of insane deeds (which makes him completely crazy.) We talk about what the Wolves should do in the NBA Draft, our excitement level for Kyle Gibson, and about all of the stupid, stupid things that Dylan has done, most of which involve running incredibly long distances in forbidding conditions for no good reason. We hope you’ll tune in. (If you do so after the draft, be sure to rewind and listen to it twice.)

1 thought on Episode 20: Death in the Grand Canyon

  1. After listening to the insider breakdown the NBA draft on this podcast, I caught the first flight to Vegas to bet that the Wolves would select Pope WolvesFail XLVII with the ninth overall pick. The man at the window claimed that there was no such player available in the draft this year and looked perplexed when I asked him if he had ever heard of a “certain Mr. Swamptown.” His clear ignorance clued me into the fact that he was an easy mark, so I insisted that he take my money and make the wager. He just shrugged and wrote “Pope WolvesFail 47 – Eleventyjillion: 1” on what I assume was the casino’s most authentic cocktail napkin before taking my money. Now, thanks to Flip Saunders’ various trades and chicanery, I am without my life savings, without any way to get home, and my only hope left in this world is that both the battery in my laptop and the wifi in this sketchy Denny’s remain viable long enough for me to relate this one last message: I am never listening to this podcast ever again.

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