Episode 41: Walking Out on Starship, with Patrick Donnelly

ESPN1500’s Patrick Donnelly pops his Sportive cherry as we discuss:

  • The all-time best Gopher basketball player names
  • The punchable Bo Ryan
  • New Ulm festivals
  • Our most-hated Germans
  • Sid and TK tales
  • Pelfrey the Super Soldier
  • Johnny Football (Clarence is at full mast) and the Vikes draft outlook
  • Even more tangents than usual

And Stu drops some BREAKING NEWS by revealing the person behind the “Carl Gerbschmidt” character. Good talk, have a listen.

2 thoughts on Episode 41: Walking Out on Starship, with Patrick Donnelly

  1. I didn’t think it was possible but you all have managed even worse audio this time. Wild differences in volume.

    Does anyone listen back to these episodes? The choice you are giving us is: follow the entire conversation at the price of bleeding ears, or B. hear half the conversation but live to hear another day. I chose the latter and had to bail after 20:00.

    Hey you asked for rube responses and you got one.

    • Thanks for the response. I’m sorry that the sound isn’t better. I normally listen on my phone, which doesn’t have very good audio to begin with, so I’m unable to notice the different levels. Wish I had a better answer for you. We are amateurs at this but are constantly adjusting the audio to try and stabilize things. Hopefully someday we stumble upon a solution. Thanks again, I appreciate the feedback.

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