Episode 50: Hollering at Ulf Dahlen

Interested in listening to four grown men talk sports while on the verge of tears? You’re in luck. Discussed:

  • The Wild trades (we’re happy!)
  • Sano (we’re suicidal!)
  • Twins predictions, including wins, busts and shockers (we’re scream-crying, and shaking fists at the sky!)
  • Stu’s bit about his favorite Science Museum exhibits (we’re trying so hard to smile!)
  • Wolves (we’re at full-on waterworks!)

It’s not as depressing as it sounds — it’s actually worse. Go ahead and listen anyway, though. Misery loves company.

1 thought on Episode 50: Hollering at Ulf Dahlen

  1. I turned on KQRS last Saturday about noon and the DJ was pimping “another lost classic coming up on the KQRS Lost Classics weekend.”

    “Cool,” I thought. Finally. Maybe we’d hear track 1 off Cosmo’s Factory or something off On the Beach, Zuma, Tonight’s the Night, or Long May You Run – none of which I’d heard before on KQRS (because they’re not Hey Hey, My My). Maybe, I thought, we’re hear something from the Beatles besides Hey Jude.


    Journey. Any Way You Want It.

    For the 10,00,000,000th fucking time.

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