Episode 57: You Can’t Rope the Wind

Podcaster Emeritus Michael Rand and his comically verbose pal Rocket make the trek to Sportive HQ, and things get real confusing, real fast. We piloted a new thing in which we broach a topic, move on to something else, bring it back up again, forget the original point, get confused, suggest yet another topic, swear at each other, and somehow an hour later we end up at the place we began. A place called Nowhere.
Specific topics:

  • Rocket referring to Stu as a “box of smashed assholes”
  • A Sportive Roast
  • Why hockey twitter sucks
  • Twins rest-of-season predictions
  • So much laughing at Rand for backing Pelfrey
  • Why Mauer sucks (Team Brain Injury vs. Team Lil Joey’s Feewings aw Huwt)
  • Wolves talk, for some reason
  • Johnny Football vs. Teddy B

And a lot more. This one’s not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.

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1 thought on Episode 57: You Can’t Rope the Wind

  1. I listened to this stupid thing for some reason. I really do have a terrible voice.

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