Episode 119: Bite-Sized Balls

Clarence was on vacation – hashtag can’t make it – so America’s Sweetheart Liz Welle joined us at her usual Legends location to talk about:

  • LentilFest
  • The ongoing Twins disaster, and why anybody got their hopes up this week
  • New State Fair foods (including the title of this podcast!)
  • Why certain people don’t want to know what their grades are
  • Parents Gone Wild
  • State fairs vs. county fairs
  • The Escape Room

And much, much more.

Episode 118: The Ol’ Fart Bank

Our good friend Eric Durkee joined the podcast for the first time this week. After some recording difficulties, we regrouped and discussed:

  • Farting on Brad Childress
  • Kickfarter
  • Minnesota United media food
  • Straw-ber-ritas
  • Creating soccer fans in America
  • Many, many sociological generalizations
  • American soccer hooliganism, the stupidest thing ever
  • Gang fighting
  • UFC is the teacups at the county fair
  • National Elephant Day
  • Daniel Day Lewis
  • The Democrating Donald Trump
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul’s Top 5 Reuben Sandwiches

An excellent episode, as always. Our thanks to Eric for joining up, especially since he has things to lose.

Episode 116: Literally All Python

Our good friend Patrick Donnelly deputized for Clarence, who couldn’t make it, at the Town Hall Brewery at Seven Corners. Among the topics:

  • The return of the Ron Davis era and the depression of the current Twins
  • I’d settle for two or three million
  • #TeflonJ├╝rgy
  • How can we possibly be excited for the Vikings season
  • The Great Baseball Road Trip, and more importantly, video games
  • #HireStu

(Seriously, on the last one. Our favorite co-host, Steve “Stu” Neuman, was laid off this week, and we would like you to hire him to work for you because a) we like him and b) we like you, and frankly, you’re getting an effing deal out of this. Hiring Stu will be the best thing you ever did for your organization. Trust us. #HireStu.)

Episode 111: Sam Hinkie Is A Nihilist

It’s an all-NBA (well, mostly-NBA) episode of the podcast. Brandon and Jon are joined by our friend Dylan Dragswiek (@roughkat) and his brother Ian to talk about:

  • Karl-Anthony Towns and erectile health
  • Flip Saunders and how we loathe him
  • Would you rather be wrong and happy, or right and miserable?
  • The best Wolves starting five
  • How to improve the NBA
  • How to improve hockey overtimes (it got random at the end)

Later the Wolves traded for Tyus Jones, which makes some of our hot takes out of date. Oh well.

Episode 107: I’m Not Afraid to Touch a Wet Nacho

Clarence couldn’t make it for this one, so we replaced him with Liz Welle and got back to work. Thanks to her for being willing to talk to us about any and all of the following:

  • The Twins: are we ready to love again?
  • Upside-down nachos
  • Paynesville, MN
  • Why Rangers fans are the absolute worst, and how much we hate people who went to North Dakota
  • Nacho criteria
  • A horrifying soccer story

And plenty more. Plus, Stu had his best episode, and is really getting warmed up for the season.

Episode 103: Steve I Love Turtles

For the first time in more than 100 episodes, we got all four of us in a room at the same time. We went to Grumpy’s in Roseville, where we were joined by an all-star cast, including Aaron Gleeman (for the whole thing) and (at various times) Hans Van Slooten, Amanda White, Lindsay Guentzel, and Dave Marthaler.

When all four of us weren’t talking at the exact same time – which was most of the time – we discussed:

  • The Wild’s chances against the Blackhawks in Round 2 of the playoffs
  • The Vikings’ pick in the NFL Draft (recorded live)
  • Whether Ted Thompson is a Sagittarius
  • Who the heck is Ciara
  • Sam Hinkle / Hinkie

The whole thing goes off the rails pretty much immediately, but we had an excellent time. We’re all looking forward to Episode 206, when we all get together again.

City Pages Names Us “Best Sports Podcast”

We’re not entirely sure how it’s possible, but The City Pages released its annual “Best Of” list today, and The Sportive was named the Best Sports Podcast.

They describe us as “a disorganized train wreck,” “sarcastic,” and use the word “ineptitude,” so we’re pretty confident that they didn’t confuse us with somebody else.

The funniest part of the whole thing is literally minutes before we found out about the award, we realized that we had forgotten to plan to record an episode this week. Whoopsie doodle!

All kidding aside, we feel very honored, and vow that we will continue to bring our particular brand of angry, drunken ranting to the internet airwaves for as long as we are able. Assuming we actually manage to record without losing anything. That’s always touch and go.

Episode 97: The Look It Up Episode

This week, Brandon went to Las Vegas instead of calling in, leaving the rest of us to flounder through. We even resorted to actually looking up facts, for the first time in the history of the podcast, so listen to us type the following into Wikipedia:

  • Just how bad was Gopher basketball this year?
  • Why Devan Dubnyk maybe doesn’t need as much of a rest as some seem to think
  • The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act
  • No, seriously, that was a thing we looked up
  • Our anti-Iowa and anti-Wisconsin NCAA tournament rooting interests
  • Northern Iowa, the Quinnipiac of the Midwest
  • Soccer? Soccer!

Come back soon, Brandon. We miss you.

Episode 96: Going Towards Vince Ferragamo

Brandon, Stu, and Jon head for Grumpy’s in Roseville to have a Bloody Mary and discuss:

  • What’s the best suburb?
  • Matt Cassel, Shaun Hill, Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings, and how much Clarence loves Rick Spielman (Clarence wasn’t there)
  • What can we find to be mad about, with the Twins?
  • Brandon is going to Vegas to watch hoops
  • New Minnesota soccer web site Northern Pitch, and how you should be reading it, and how it’s breaking news
  • Why Devan Dubnyk will never be the MVP but probably should be
  • Things are looking up for Minnesota hockey
  • Benjamin Booker, the best new music

It was a good brunch crowd. Why we didn’t invite Aaron Gleeman is beyond me.

Episode 91: I’ve Always Loved the Maritimes

Guess what? We had audio issues. Our recording app failed to record around 30 minutes of this podcast, leading to two large gaps in what were some spectacular #AskSportive answers from our good friend, national champion tweeter Zach Floyd (go follow him at @floyding).

We talked about the Wild and Wolves a little bit, but most of this episode was given over to your random questions. Which we, you know, lost some of.