Episode 120: Holding Out For Lawry’s

The four regulars are back with our standard sports ‘cast. Discussed:
– Programming note re ads on the show
– Sano, Buxton and this insane Twins season
– How’s Teddy lookin? An investigative report
– Our five franchise saviors vs. their incompetent bosses
– The Fargo rock scene, which is not a real thing
– Weekend preview

Episode 119: Bite-Sized Balls

Clarence was on vacation – hashtag can’t make it – so America’s Sweetheart Liz Welle joined us at her usual Legends location to talk about:

  • LentilFest
  • The ongoing Twins disaster, and why anybody got their hopes up this week
  • New State Fair foods (including the title of this podcast!)
  • Why certain people don’t want to know what their grades are
  • Parents Gone Wild
  • State fairs vs. county fairs
  • The Escape Room

And much, much more.

Episode 118: The Ol’ Fart Bank

Our good friend Eric Durkee joined the podcast for the first time this week. After some recording difficulties, we regrouped and discussed:

  • Farting on Brad Childress
  • Kickfarter
  • Minnesota United media food
  • Straw-ber-ritas
  • Creating soccer fans in America
  • Many, many sociological generalizations
  • American soccer hooliganism, the stupidest thing ever
  • Gang fighting
  • UFC is the teacups at the county fair
  • National Elephant Day
  • Daniel Day Lewis
  • The Democrating Donald Trump
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul’s Top 5 Reuben Sandwiches

An excellent episode, as always. Our thanks to Eric for joining up, especially since he has things to lose.

Episode 117: Grade F Meat And Melted Grout

After an editing mistake that cuts out the first few minutes (SORRY), we discuss:

Prince vs. Jacko
An amazing new Sportive wives segment
Best current pop star
Kelly Clarkson concert review
The Twins will never go all in
The beauty of hockey trash talk

Stu was killing it until his weekly technical difficulties and Clarence came in guns a-blazing. Good times, good times.

Episode 116: Literally All Python

Our good friend Patrick Donnelly deputized for Clarence, who couldn’t make it, at the Town Hall Brewery at Seven Corners. Among the topics:

  • The return of the Ron Davis era and the depression of the current Twins
  • I’d settle for two or three million
  • #TeflonJürgy
  • How can we possibly be excited for the Vikings season
  • The Great Baseball Road Trip, and more importantly, video games
  • #HireStu

(Seriously, on the last one. Our favorite co-host, Steve “Stu” Neuman, was laid off this week, and we would like you to hire him to work for you because a) we like him and b) we like you, and frankly, you’re getting an effing deal out of this. Hiring Stu will be the best thing you ever did for your organization. Trust us. #HireStu.)

Episode 115: Out of The Trunk Came A Goat

Call-in problems, accidental cut-outs and Stu recording from a submarine led to this almost not being published. If you are curious what we talk about when we’ve given up, this is it. Details:

• Pigs In a Blanket should be the next trend (0-17min)
• Why didn’t our dads like hugs? (18min-38min)
• Steroids/getting old (39min-45min)
• How to be happy (45min-50min)
• What’s in that Civic (50min-52min)
• Cabin preview & best guitar solos (52min-66min)

Back on the grind next week, friends.

Episode 114: I’m Not Interested In Facts

Discussed on the latest Chud Sputney’s Sports Bog:

  • Updated Twins season wins predictions
  • We mercilessly tease Jon about his delusional belief in the Twins
  • Gopher football season Vegas over/under reactions
  • Tailgating proposals but just a free taste of the milk — if you want the full cow then you’ll have to pay? Is that a saying?
  • At the 56 minute mark we bring it full circle and mercilessly tease Jon again, this time about being the local footie columnist

In summary, we are pessimistic and bad friends. Plenty of laughs at least. Thanks for listening.

Episode 113: Being a Virgin Sounds Awesome

Old friend Josh and Cousin Brian join a live recording at Legends along with a host of off-mic podcast pals. Discussed:

  • The state of our #BuxChub
  • What to do with Aaron Hicks
  • Pants Down, LLC
  • Cousin Brian on being wooed by “The Bachelor” franchise
  • Cousin Brian on his Australian Rules Football career (Jon took his pants off during this segment)
  • Review of the Nelson concert. Repeat: NELSON CONCERT
  • A very important Vince Neil update

Plus our usual thousand jokes & asides. Had a blast, hope it comes through.

Episode 112: Earn Yourself Some Pants

Hello and welcome to Sexual Dave and the Pervs. We rolled with a skeleton crew this week as Jon and Clarence were no-shows, so Stu and B went sports-light and covered:

  • Escrow accounts?
  • Ranking musical Crows
  • One-album wonders
  • Weekly pageboy haircuts
  • Super timely review of 80s comedians
  • 4th of July plans (Nelson!)
  • The micro agony and macro joy of parenting
  • Bumming out on the England World Cup own goal
  • SANO!
  • Reluctantly supporting the Tyus pick

Episode 111: Sam Hinkie Is A Nihilist

It’s an all-NBA (well, mostly-NBA) episode of the podcast. Brandon and Jon are joined by our friend Dylan Dragswiek (@roughkat) and his brother Ian to talk about:

  • Karl-Anthony Towns and erectile health
  • Flip Saunders and how we loathe him
  • Would you rather be wrong and happy, or right and miserable?
  • The best Wolves starting five
  • How to improve the NBA
  • How to improve hockey overtimes (it got random at the end)

Later the Wolves traded for Tyus Jones, which makes some of our hot takes out of date. Oh well.