Episode 77: “Thank you, David Kahn”

It’s the hotly anticipated T-Wolves preview, featuring podcaster-at-large & local optimist Michael Rand. Topics:

  • Wolves: offseason, lineup, wins predictions and Brandon arguing that Flip is the devil
  • Twins: getting our patented pre-rage on about the hiring of Paul Molitor
  • Wild: something about power plays?
  • Vikings: we play the blame game, this round pitting Norv v. Zimmer. Totally shocking spoiler alert: Clarence gives a write-in vote for Spielman.

Episode 76: “It’s me, Poochie!”

Join us as we try to laugh through the incompetence that is Minnesota sports. Topics:

  • The Strib/Twins joint payroll press release
  • The damn Royals
  • Norval Laverne Turner
  • Zimmer’s free pass
  • Flip’s asinine shot charts

We offered a few half-hearted fist pumps about the Wild’s start if you’re looking for some positivity. But you’re here so we know you aren’t. Enjoy.

Episode 75: Watch Out For Finns

It’s a hockey preview episode of the Sportive this week, as Clarence joined Jon at Sportive HQ to talk Wild and Gopher puck for an entire episode. Brandon was not allowed to attend. Stu called in.

In between a pretty detailed breakdown of the Wild and a somewhat less detailed breakdown of the Gophers, we managed to talk about such topics as:

  • Finns are the orneriest people on earth
  • Living in Madison, MN
  • Fargo in March: the Venice of the North
  • Farm permits
  • Dickinson, ND

Plus, at the end, Stu and Clarence make a real live bet.

Episode 74: A Number Three in My Pants

  • Gardy firing and what’s next (spoiler alert: more heartbreak)
  • Ned Yost jug yanking
  • Gophers vs. Michigan pigskin recap
  • TEDDY, so damn much Teddy talk
  • MLB playoff power rankings

Plus a bit of singing, a lot of swears and our quota of front-office threats.

Episode 73: A Special Brand of Hopeless Incompetence


  • Grouse hunting or John Grisham: the eternal question
  • The ongoing Twins ineptitude – worse than the 90s?
  • Teddy Bridgewater, the only hope this town has left
  • Relatively innocent jug-yanking of local media members
  • Yet another debate over the worst local owners (no decision made; we’ll take another run at it again next week)
  • Hating ourselves for defending famous 12-year-old Bill Simmons
  • Gopher football at Michigan

Episode 72: Hunks on the Mind



- Some truly awful buffalo sounds

- Amish urban myths

- Incest humor, unfortunately

- 10ish seconds of Gopher football talk

- Whether or not we should continue to support the NFL. Warning: an actual serious discussion ensued despite our best efforts otherwise. Won’t happen again — we’ll return to our regular programming of faulty connections and fart noises next week.

Episode 71: The Cohesive Vikings Preview

We devoted the entire episode to a Vikings season preview. Had some audio issues so we decided to record twice just to be safe.


Twinkie Town boss Jesse Lund stops by Sportive HQ and Stu gets a solid buzz on, which means we’re already in must-listen territory.

If you need more convincing, we also gripe to the mothereffing high heavens and do our world-famous british impressions. Goddamn, this was a fun episode.

Episode 69: Dauber Eats His Shoe

Jon’s brother Dave joins us as we spend most of the hour previewing Gophers football, with brief asides including racist movies, Texas tailgating, hating the Twins, the new season of Wits and dumping water on ourselves.

Episode 68: I Call All-Time Guttenberg

Podcaster-at-large Michael Rand and our nemesis Rocket join us to discuss:

  • RIP Byron Buxton? (We weren’t sure)
  • Whether or not Flip is still a disaster
  • Vikings predictions + a round of “Bros & Turds”
  • Our weekly Pre-Rage(TM) about Teddy
  • What we’d do if we were the Twins GM
  • AT LEAST one million mom jokes

Decently sports-ish and EASILY our least mature, which is really saying something considering the low bar.