#149: Bagskating Through Life

Clarence no-showed us and Jon contracted a sinus infection halfway into the show, but we powered through to cover:

-HS hockey: a hot take + who to cheer for
-Gopher basketball: has it ever been worse?
-Twins preview: what are we angry about this week?
-Judging the Wild
-Oscar talk (we saw 4 movies total this year)
-A Very Special (creepy) #AskSportive
-Sportive explains: PFT Commenter

#148: Granny-Style Jumpers Featuring Shawn Fury

Author and long-time internal pal Shawn Fury joins us to discuss his new book, Rise and Fire: The Origins, Science, and Evolution of the Jump Shot — and How It Transformed Basketball Forever.

The first 45 minutes are Shawn saying the book’s subtitle. After that, we discuss:

– The history of the jump shot
– The good ol’ days when cagers had cigs put out on their arms
– Janesville trivia
– Making fun of Rand’s mom, again
– Has the 3-pointer ruined basketball?
– Why isĀ college basketballĀ so bad?

And tons more. Later, we wrap up with quick hits on the United and Wild.

Thanks to Shawn for coming on. Buy his book, hoops fans.

#146: A Blip in the Road

Clarence and Brandon recorded most of this one on their own. They delivered a little bit of sports talk and a LOT of potential lawsuits. They are not to be left alone again. Sorry to Jon and Stu, to the celebrities they offended, and most of all the women of the northern suburbs.


-BOO the Zucker benching
-Inappropriate Wild theories
-Vikings “Keep or Toss” (this bit will get us arrested)
-Vikings SB odds for next year
-Wolves/United quick hits
-Clarence goes after Beyonce
-Jackson Hole recap

#145: Low on Snow, High on Hatred

  • The Pro Bowl and NHL All-Star games happened?
  • Wild playoff probabilities
  • Seth Green report (both the QB and tiny actor)
  • Popping bubbly about the key Carlos Quentin signing
  • Sam Mitchell is the new Mike Tice
  • Super Bowl plans and daydreaming about the Vikings playing in it someday


#143: Ghost Jon Does Not Do Happy

Darkness has warshed over Minnesota sports, so we try our best to find something to be happy about. Do we succeed? Tune in to find out! (No)


— NFL playoff preview and ideal punishments for Belichick (involves an on-field sentencing and a mechanism to fire a human into the sun)
— Vikings offensive coordinator rumors
— Reasons the Wild are bad
— New game: what is Mike Yeo thinking?
— Wolves/Gophers discontent
— Another new game: what is Terry Ryan thinking?
— Predicting the date of Berrios’ torn ulnar

To reiterate: we find nothing to be happy about. Though Clarence’s spot-on Tony Danza impression does ease the sting.