Episode 73: A Special Brand of Hopeless Incompetence


  • Grouse hunting or John Grisham: the eternal question
  • The ongoing Twins ineptitude – worse than the 90s?
  • Teddy Bridgewater, the only hope this town has left
  • Relatively innocent jug-yanking of local media members
  • Yet another debate over the worst local owners (no decision made; we’ll take another run at it again next week)
  • Hating ourselves for defending famous 12-year-old Bill Simmons
  • Gopher football at Michigan

Episode 72: Hunks on the Mind



- Some truly awful buffalo sounds

- Amish urban myths

- Incest humor, unfortunately

- 10ish seconds of Gopher football talk

- Whether or not we should continue to support the NFL. Warning: an actual serious discussion ensued despite our best efforts otherwise. Won’t happen again — we’ll return to our regular programming of faulty connections and fart noises next week.

Episode 71: The Cohesive Vikings Preview

We devoted the entire episode to a Vikings season preview. Had some audio issues so we decided to record twice just to be safe.


Twinkie Town boss Jesse Lund stops by Sportive HQ and Stu gets a solid buzz on, which means we’re already in must-listen territory.

If you need more convincing, we also gripe to the mothereffing high heavens and do our world-famous british impressions. Goddamn, this was a fun episode.

Episode 69: Dauber Eats His Shoe

Jon’s brother Dave joins us as we spend most of the hour previewing Gophers football, with brief asides including racist movies, Texas tailgating, hating the Twins, the new season of Wits and dumping water on ourselves.

Episode 68: I Call All-Time Guttenberg

Podcaster-at-large Michael Rand and our nemesis Rocket join us to discuss:

  • RIP Byron Buxton? (We weren’t sure)
  • Whether or not Flip is still a disaster
  • Vikings predictions + a round of “Bros & Turds”
  • Our weekly Pre-Rage(TM) about Teddy
  • What we’d do if we were the Twins GM
  • AT LEAST one million mom jokes

Decently sports-ish and EASILY our least mature, which is really saying something considering the low bar.

Episode 67: Come On, Ebola!

A quick catch-up sesh ended up lasting 40 minutes, so you sports nutz might want to skip ahead to the good stuff. And by good stuff we mean whining about the Pohlads, refusing to give Flip credit for what could be a pretty exciting Wolves trade, and Clarence launching into yet another tirade against Spielman.

Also, Stu at one point dejectedly muttered “We were put on this earth to suffer” which sums up life as a Minnesota sports fan better than these 67 episodes combined. That said, this one was full of laffs and included a surprising lack of technical glitches. Go get it.

Episode 66: The Raisin Culprit

Brandon, Stu and Clarence power through audio issues and a lack of an agenda to discuss:

  • Jon’s wedding
  • Organization w/ the worst future: NFL or MLB?
  • Vikings season preview teaser: 0-16
  • Twins: should we push our chips to 2017
  • Whether or not to trade our friend Glen Perkins
  • Will Leitch’s tortured fan bases series
  • Clarence’s *perfect* Tony Danza impression

Somehow that took over an hour. Enjoy?


Episode 65: The Guy From Smooth Cooter is a Cop


  • Sam Fuld the Peanut
  • World Cup recap + way too much soccer talk
  • Griping over Flip Saunders and Minnesota owners yet again
  • LeBron James *cricket sounds*
  • The Wild signing of Todd Vanek
  • Weekly bulletin of outstate Minnesota happenings

We also put a request in for St. Paul-to-St. Cloud warp whistles and sponsorship dollars to fund a jail sentence by Jon. And then a bit of cooter talk.

Episode 64: Comparing Apples to Ron Gardenhire

Despite the title, we didn’t actually talk about the Twins in this one. Instead, Brandon got Jon to go on a 75-minute monologue about the World Cup. Included therein was the following:

  • The USA vs. Germany
  • An update on the World Cup in general
  • An anti-Klinsmann cross-examination from Clarence
  • Jon talking at great length about the unknowability of life or something like that
  • Processes vs. results
  • Jonathan Lipnicki, I mean Landon Donovan
  • The NBA Draft and who the Wolves will take
  • Brandon’s dualing ideas about what NBA team he really likes
  • “Wait… WE’RE a dumb organization!”
  • Oscar-nominated boobs
  • Stu’s first three days at MPR

The entire gang was back for this one. It was good to have everybody there.