#125: Sharing a Meatball

It’s Hot Take Central this week at the Sportive. Special guest John Sharkman joins us as we unleash & debate the following:

  • Cheering for AP is fine
  • It’s not Mitch Leidner’s fault
  • Johnny Manziel has a chance to be a top QB
  • Ryan Adams’ “1989” is boring and unnecessary

And plenty more. We also get a Johnnie/Tommie preview from Shark and tease a Megan Fox segment that never arrives. Good talk, Russ.

#124: I Remember Dreams

Actual sports!

– Vikings film room: o-line, gaping holes on D, Teddy’s arm strength and more. Mostly sadness.
– Wondering why the Gophers ignore the concept of the forward pass
– Head-scratching a couple Molitor moves but mostly thanking our lucky stars over this season
– House party recap + weekend preview
– and as always, dads talkin’ youth sports

Episode 122: Nixon’s Third Term

We celebrated the Twins for 10 minutes then screamed at each other about DeflateGate for the next 45. We are bad at being serious. Apologies all around.

There was also some talk about paying college athletes and the Wild goalie situation, but this will go down as The One Where They Yelled.

Episode 121: It’s Amazing If He’s An Animal

Official Sportive Twin Brother Dave joins us for:

-Gopher pigskin season preview
-Clarence has an accident in his pants over another Mike Sano jack
-We laugh at Souhan for 20 minutes straight
-Berrios’s arm is going to fall off soon, -RIP Berrios’s arm

Considering the two teams discussed, surprisingly light on rage. These are the end times.

Episode 120: Holding Out For Lawry’s

The four regulars are back with our standard sports ‘cast. Discussed:
– Programming note re ads on the show
– Sano, Buxton and this insane Twins season
– How’s Teddy lookin? An investigative report
– Our five franchise saviors vs. their incompetent bosses
– The Fargo rock scene, which is not a real thing
– Weekend preview

Episode 119: Bite-Sized Balls

Clarence was on vacation – hashtag can’t make it – so America’s Sweetheart Liz Welle joined us at her usual Legends location to talk about:

  • LentilFest
  • The ongoing Twins disaster, and why anybody got their hopes up this week
  • New State Fair foods (including the title of this podcast!)
  • Why certain people don’t want to know what their grades are
  • Parents Gone Wild
  • State fairs vs. county fairs
  • The Escape Room

And much, much more.

Episode 118: The Ol’ Fart Bank

Our good friend Eric Durkee joined the podcast for the first time this week. After some recording difficulties, we regrouped and discussed:

  • Farting on Brad Childress
  • Kickfarter
  • Minnesota United media food
  • Straw-ber-ritas
  • Creating soccer fans in America
  • Many, many sociological generalizations
  • American soccer hooliganism, the stupidest thing ever
  • Gang fighting
  • UFC is the teacups at the county fair
  • National Elephant Day
  • Daniel Day Lewis
  • The Democrating Donald Trump
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul’s Top 5 Reuben Sandwiches

An excellent episode, as always. Our thanks to Eric for joining up, especially since he has things to lose.

Episode 117: Grade F Meat And Melted Grout

After an editing mistake that cuts out the first few minutes (SORRY), we discuss:

Prince vs. Jacko
An amazing new Sportive wives segment
Best current pop star
Kelly Clarkson concert review
The Twins will never go all in
The beauty of hockey trash talk

Stu was killing it until his weekly technical difficulties and Clarence came in guns a-blazing. Good times, good times.