About The Sportive


What do we talk about when we talk about sports? Well, The Sportive talks about Minnesota sports. Mostly. Sometimes about beer, or music, or beery music. And sometimes none of these. Don’t tell us what to do. You got a warrant?

If you want well-structured sports talk radio, you might want to think about listening to sports talk radio. Otherwise, try us out for an episode or two. We probably won’t give you much in the way of actual information, but hopefully you’ll laugh at our shenanigans.


Brandon BroxeyWindbag Industries | Twitter
The “millennial” of the podcast, despite being the second-youngest. Moved to Dallas for most of the podcast’s run, but couldn’t resist the winter weather and the opportunity to have people visit his house for the recordings. Played, covered, and hates hockey. Townball’s greatest lefty.
Jon Marthaler: jonmarthaler.com | Twitter
Has a strong opinion about every sport in Minnesota and a few that may not actually exist. All of his opinions are wrong. Star Tribune soccer columnist.
Steve “Stu” Neuman: Twitter
Used to be (mildly) anonymous, but his wildly popular Twitter account has made him much more accessible. Lives in St. Cloud with his wife and two daughters. Chief New Music Correspondent of the podcast. Also Chief Hector, MN Native.
Clarence Swamptown: Twitter
This may come as a shock, but “Clarence Swamptown” is not his real name. Plays a character best described as “The Richard Nixon of Minnesota Sports Podcasting.” Lives south of the metro, possibly in a compound. Has somewhere between three and eleven children, and at least one wife. Mysterious. Profane.


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